What is the darkroom

The Darkroom is a single narrator weird fiction audio drama podcast series.

It follows an amateur photographer and the discoveries and stories that come to light as he recovers and develops old rolls of film he finds in abandoned, antique cameras.

An amateur photographer stumbles upon strange photographs he finds in old film cameras, showing him another world, just as real as our own, that exists in the shadows.

The shadows of... the darkroom.


Listen to The darkroom

Frame 1: The Starving One

A man finds a strange roll of film in an old camera that leads to the discovery of a forgotten god.

Frame 2: The Abandoned Salts’ Place:

A box of kodachrome slides documents an isolated New England home before the mysterious disappearance of its inhabitants.

Frame 3: The Light Over Casco Bay

Trauma and injury coalesce with a disturbing late night experience.

Frame 4: Richard and the Machine

An odd man demonstrates an unusual piece of photo equipment.

Content Warning: Violence